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25 Apr 2017 When you use a MicroSD card as internal storage, the phone formats to move photos, files, and some apps over to the SD card if you want to. How to Move Pictures to SD Card and Free Your Phone Memory The selected pictures would have the check mark. Again, tap on and then on Move. Finally, tap on sd card. If you have multiple folders in your sd card, select the preferred folder and tap Done (on some phones it is Move here). How to move pictures to sd card by using usb cable . This is one of the easiest ways and it should work on all mobile devices. How to Move Pictures from Gallery to SD Card in Android Now go to Camera and select the pictures you want to move to SD card from Gallery. You can also use the ‘Select All’ option in order to save time. Now tap the Share option from the top right corner and Copy. Once you have copied the data, go back to SD card (Go to Settings > Copy > SD memory card).

Transferring pictures from phone memory to SD card cvieni wrote: How can I transfer pictures in my phone's internal memory to the SD card. Try opening gallery and see if it gives you the option to transfer the images with the open menu, if not try downloading EX File Explorer and see if it allows you to browser to the internal folder and if so just select and copy and then paste them where you want the files. Move Photos To SD Card On Huawei P9 (Solved)

Dec 06, 2018 · How to move your pictures from Internal Storage to SD card I would always recommend this method as you don’t need to use any device or computer to perform this except for your phone.

3 Tips | How to Transfer Photos from SD Card to iPhone This blog post introduces 2 Methods to transfer photos from SD Card to iPhone, either with or without computer. You can also apply the tips to transfer videos from SD Card to your iPhone or transfer photos from SD Card to iPad. Read on to get the details. How can I transfer camera pictures from phone memory to In fact, you can use Mobiledic Android manager to move everything including photos from phone memory to SD card.. Some smartphone has a built-in feature that can help transfer photos from memory to SD. it's easy! Source: Install or Move Apps from Storage to SD Card on Android Phone&Tablet, it works for app, but also for photos. How to Transfer Data to New SD Card on Android

Move pictures from internal memory to SD card? - Windows Jul 27, 2016 · I frequently move photos and downloads from internal memory to SD card. I have much more storage on the SD card, and prefer to keep the long term storage photos there, but I like to save photos to my internal memory because I can take more pictures consecutively without getting the "Saving" message or having to wait. How to Move Applications from Internal Memory to an SD Mar 29, 2019 · Community Answer. Go to the Files folder-All. You will see device storage and the SD card. Tap the device's storage, scroll down to the Whatsapp folder and tap the media. Tap the Whatsapp images, hold the image you want to transfer, then press Menu Move. Press back to the SD card… Easiest Way to Transfer Photos from iPhone to SD Card 2019

Is your phone storage getting filled up? Learn how to clear internal storage of your Windows Phone 8.1 device to make way for more data.