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11 Nov 2018 Had same problem with Windows 7 and Toshiba laptop and Toshiba TV, video through HDMI cable but sound out of laptop. Was working fine  22 Aug 2018 My TV is about 10 years old (Toshiba 37x303. to work is to hook the Beam directly to the component, I.e. hook it up directly to the BT box, etc. Connecting Bluetooth Devices (optional).. 25 Connect the aerial or cable TV plug to the AERIAL (analogue TV), displays and changes audio/subtitle.

Navigate to TV's menu and locate sound/audio setting. Under that submenu you should find an option to turn external or internal speakers on or off. The wording will vary from model to model. Once you do so all the sound that should come out of your TV's speakers will be channeled to the toslink/optical and/or digital coax audio-out ports. connecting computer speakers to Toshiba TV - Best Buy Support It is possible to connect computer speakers to your TV, but the cable sold is obviously not the right one. . Your TV has a red and white analog audio out put. You need to convert this to something that will accept the 3.5mm plug that connects most computer speakers. Best Buy doesn't sell a single cable solution. How do i hook up my cable box to my toshiba flat screen tv? How do i hook up my cable box to my toshiba flat screen tv? - Answered by a verified TV Technician Incomplete answer. please guide me threw on how to hook my comcast cable box to my toshiba flat screen tv. If the motorola box is not hd then connect the yellow (video) plus red/white (audio) from the box to the Tv. Then select the correct

Toshiba 37RV753 TV - how do I connect to hifi system

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Connect between the box and the component cable AV adapter. Connect the adapter to the ColorStream connector on TV. Use Red and White RCAs from a composite cable or seperate audio RCA cables for audio. Connect between the box and the composite cable AV adapter. Connect the adapter to Video 1 (Audio) connector on the TV. Connect Your TV To An External Audio System For Better Sound Turn on both your TV and the compatible Bluetooth -enabled speaker soundbar, audio system, or headphones. Go into your TV's audio setup menu, select Bluetooth and initiate pairing. Wait for confirmation that the TV and sound system are paired. Bluetooth may be susceptible to Lip-synch issues when used in conjunction with video. How do i hook up my toshiba tv to a cable box and dvd player Aug 22, 2009 · Cable box to TV - You need an S-video cable and a Red/White Audio cable. Connect from the cable box audio out jacks that are located on the bottom row. It should be just right of where it says "dig audio out." Next hook up your S-video cable from the cable box (there is only one). *Using an S cable will give you better video quality.

How to Connect Soundbar to TV using HDMI ARC - YouTube Oct 11, 2018 · Make watching TV easier and better by connecting and setting up HDMI (ARC). Complete steps to Connecting a Soundbar to a TV Using HDMI ARC. The Audio … Simple Ways to Connect Soundbar to a TV: 15 Steps (with Sep 02, 2019 · Connect the optical audio cable to the ″Optical IN″ port on the sound bar. This port may be labeled ″Digital IN″ or ″Optical. " If you plan to mount the soundbar on the wall, connect it to the TV before placing it in its permanent location.