Using 2 BT Routers on the same broadband telephone line

You can't have two router modems connected to the same telephone line. You'll either need to extend the ethernet to downstairs using a long cable, homeplugs or wireless accees point(s) or get a second telephone line. Can Two Different Modems Be Attached To Same Phone Line how to use two routers on one phone line 5 miles apart?the phone co put an off premisise extention in two of my houses miles apart they said i could use the dsl at both location but would have to take my router back and forth can antbody tell me how to set up two routers on the same phone line in laymans terms and can both be used at the same time

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Apr 26, 2011 · - In this video you will see how you can connect 2 separate internet connections to one network using 2 routers. Two Routers on one phone line | Tech Support Guy

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Setting up 2 modems on 1 DSL line if this is possi - AT Ideally, you can connect only one modem to a DSL line as every DSL line connects after authenticating a username and password. Since you are logged on with one modem, you would not be able to establish a connection on the alternate line for the same DSL number.