Why would an aftermarket car stereo not work in the car

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Heavy-duty jack with integrated drive function replaces your ordinary trailer jack and takes the hassle out of hooking up and moving your trailer. Sim

Jun 30, 2012 · Kenwood head unit turns on then shuts off immediatly? - Audio & Electronics Forum. Forum Post / Reply and subs. and the head unit. and that stupid wire harness. but i plugged everything in and wired it all up. then i tried turning it on and the head unit lit up, and the door ajar bell went off. then it shut off and wont come back on. No power to amp or stereo - Moomba Forum Jul 07, 2014 · Stereo turn on switch lights up, thats a good indicator that the head-unit is receiving its 12V turn-on trigger form the switch, but its either lost its B+ or ground, or its dead. If the head-unit does not power up, there will be no 12V measured at the amp's turn-on terminal.

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